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Maintaining your fleet

Today, companies face an increasingly shorter lifespan for smartphones due to an increase in new product being released. A race for innovation and added features that can prove to be a real issue for the management of corporate technology.


The management of a company fleet can be a challenge for the larger accounts, from a budgetary, technological, environmental or even security standpoint. Find out how Remober can support you in facilitating the management of your operating fleet

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Punctually fixed

Do you have a low breakage rate within your fleet? Are you experiencing peaks in activity? Are you looking for flexibility and speed?

Non-binding and particularly suitable for large accounts, Remober’s one-off repair service is available in addition to that of your operator or wholesaler.

We jump in at any point throughout the life cycle of your mobile fleet with a ‘return to workshop’ repair service that offers you a solution before your next renewal. You will not have to invest in a new smartphone that will need to be uninstalled.

No matter the size of your fleet, our one-off repair service allows you to extend the life cycle of your smartphones or tablets and keep your fleet homogeneous, thus facilitating the everyday activities of your IT manager.

Technical Expertise

Remober supports you in the management of your broken items outside of the manufacturer's warranty.
From repairing an iPhone screen to changing a Samsung battery, our technical team have the ability to handle all brands of smartphones and tablets, from historical leaders like Samsung or Apple to newer brands like Huawei and Oneplus.

Clear Pricing Module

No longer opt for breakage insurance outside the manufacturer's warranty, our single repair price revolutionizes the quotation system and allows you to maintain your fleet while controlling your budget.

No surprises, you will have the repair prices from the start!

The Green-IT Solution

During repair, opt for a responsible solution that allows you to reduce your carbon footprint!

The majority of CO2 emissions are emitted during the manufacturing of a smartphone. Repairing a smartphone can thus avoid 85% of CO2 emissions and the use of 70 kg of natural resources compared to a new phone.

Maintenance Contract

Beyond repairs, the maintenance of your mobile fleet can become a tool for control, management and traceability. Remober supports you in the management of your smartphones and tablets in a simplified and adapted way.

The implementation of a maintenance solution helps educate your employees on how to reduce breakages and expenditure on new equipment.


Letting Remober repair your smartphones gives you a full control over your fleet.

You control your phone expenses thanks to our platform which gives you full access to the repair process. At the same time, Remober supports you in the multi-site management of your IT equipment without the need to centralize all smartphones / tablets in your IT or purchasing departments.


Our dedicated platform makes it possible to analyze the repairs carried out and to put in place solutions to support professionals with their telephone management.

For example, if one of your smartphones tends to regularly break with certain user populations, we can offer you a model change or the installation of protective accessories (tempered glass, cover)


Our expertise with large accounts is seen through a constant monitoring of their terminals.

Repair is a tool which allows a company fleet manager to carefully follow his fleet by IMEI number. This traceability is essential for computer equipment, and smartphones as it contains sensitive data specific to the company or personal in the case of dual use. Respect of the GDPR and data protection are paramount to us.

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