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End of life management

Looking to remove devices from your stock?

Remober audits, values and takes ownership of mobile devices of all generations. Discover our end-of-life service offers.

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Fleet management

Manage your mobile equipment with Remober

Do you manage an estate of corporate mobile hardware? Discover our range of service options to meet all your needs.

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Roll Out

Acquire devices from all generations.

Need a partner to supply new devices to supplement your estate? Discover the Remober deployment service options.

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Experts for all of your projects!

Seek help from one of our specialists to help build an offer tailored to your needs.

Are you a company managing an estate of mobile devices?

Are you looking for a partner to help you manage your estate of mobile equipment? Discover Remober services dedicated to helping you manage your mobile devices.

A reseller or mobile provider

VAre you a reseller looking for a partner to help you? Remober is right by your side!

Helping you meet your mobile needs

Take back control of your mobile equipment.

End of life

Since 2017, Remober has been specializing in the recovery of units thanks to its full range of services designed to make life easier for businesses.

Fleet Management

Do you manage an estate of mobile devices and need a partner to offer a tailor-made solution to support this? Discover Remober’s fleet managment services.


Are you hoping to roll out devices across your sites? Discover the range of services Remober can offer to ensure this is done efficiently.