Take-back of professional telephones: what to do with your unused equipment once your new IT equipment has been deployed?

31 March 2023

In your company, the new fleet of b2b smartphones, company PCs or professional tablets has just been deployed and it is up to you, CIO or IT fleet manager, to decide on the fate of old unused equipment (disposal, storage, recycling, recovery of professional telephones, professional mobile donation)

A choice that is all the more complex as your business mobile fleet includes different equipment and models. The easiest way would be to send them to the recycling center, or to forget them in a corner, but there are much more economical, ecological and just as practical solutions!

Let’s review the solutions available to you:

Throw away your old smartphones, tablets or professional computers?

As you can imagine, this is not a good solution. For two reasons in particular: among the old equipment, there are surely B2B smartphones, business PCs or professional tablets that are still functional and can be upgraded.

By selling them to a player like Remober, you create a new source of income that can be injected into your new park or your IT projects, and you avoid a large amount of electronic waste.

As for equipment that cannot be repaired or resold as such, it should not be thrown away! The materials that make it up can be recovered and reused, provided that you recycle it. It is an important gesture when we know the geopolitical and environmental issues around the rare earths that make up our smartphones and other devices.

See our article on end-of-life management of your computer equipment

Storing your old computer equipment? The false good idea!

Keeping functional devices “just in case” is tempting. But this is not the most strategic calculation. Over time, the value of electronic devices decreases very rapidly. It is therefore more profitable to sell these devices and make occasional purchases or leasing if necessary rather than having a stock of professional IT equipment which depreciates.

Another solution is to entrust the management of mobile equipment to a professional. Remober offers its customers to manage their stock of B2B smartphones, professional tablets and business PCs for them. Thus the company does not have to assume the loss of value of its stock, it can receive functional equipment in exchange for the broken one and, once repaired, this smartphone, PC, tablet comes to supply the stock.

Trade-in professional phones: your old professional smartphones still have value!

As you will have understood, this is THE best practice for responsible and profitable fleet management!

Are you opting for the recovery of computer equipment? Make sure there is certified data erasure. This protects your company and employee data.

Can’t sort functional equipment or find it too time-consuming? A partner like Remober can organize the recovery of mobile fleets and professional telephones in order to carry out an aesthetic and technical audit of your B2B smartphones, used professional tablets and used business PCs. You will thus have an inventory by IMEI number or serial number with an estimate of the condition of your equipment, and a minimum valuation by functional unit. Units that cannot be repaired are sent directly for recycling by us.

Donation of your second-hand professional smartphones to an association.

It is a solution that can also contribute to your CSR policy. It should nevertheless be emphasized that only the functional units will be of interest to the associations, and that sometimes a financial contribution can be more useful to them than equipment of which they will make little use. Another way of doing this is to sell your old equipment that will not be used by them and to pay them back, in the form of a donation, the contribution from the purchase. This practice can be accompanied by donations of professional smartphones, corporate PC donations or professional tablet donations which will have previously been put in good condition and whose data will have been erased!

In conclusion, your idle mobile fleet has value! And the choice you make for trade-in business telephones will have an environmental and economic impact that should not be overlooked.

It is advisable to make an inventory of your unused computer equipment in order to differentiate equipment that can be upgraded (reconditioned and resold) and those that are no longer functional but can be recycled (revaluation of raw materials).

If this task is too time-consuming because of the volume of your equipment, it can be left to your fleet manager partner.