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The Supply of Smartphones and Tablets

Are you facing an increase in breakages? Is your buffer stock running out?

Do you want to complete and maintain a homogeneous fleet?

Discover Remober’s offers for the supply of refurbished smartphones and tablets or new surplus stock, to be purchased or rented.

Additions to your fleet

Remober supports you by adding your fleet through a large stock of equipment and a network of qualified partners.

A subsidiary of the Codeo Group, Remober has historically dealt with second-hand or refurbished computer equipment. Our offer does not stop at this type of equipment because we are also able to offer you new equipment resulting from a surplus.

Our goal is the same, to meet your needs through the creation of a homogeneous fleet for your company


Retaining a homogeneus fleet is essential when you face an activity peak due to the introduction of new collaborators or you have applicative programs deployed on a specific OS version or an appropriate model.

Remober can successfully guide your company growth by providing you with the same smartphones or tablets that you already have in your fleet, therefore limiting the risk of activity interruption, of system incompatibility or manipulation mistakes from your collaborators.

Thanks to their network of european partners, Remober can offer you older generation phones that your partners are not able to suggest you as surplus of new stock or refurbished.


Remober relies on a strict quality process in order to provide you with a functional, refurbished smartphone or tablet that matches your cosmetic needs. Opting for a refurbished smartphone or tablet is main part of a new environmental approach by companies.

Beyond the financial aspect, large companies must now be held accountable for the environmental impact of their activities. They must also highlight their offered solutions through their CSR policies. In this sense, Remober can help you with this environmental transition by providing you with refurbished IT equipment, whether for deployment or simply as additional equipment.

équipement informatique reconditionné

Smartphone Rental

Are you experiencing a peak in activity? Do you participate in events involving ad hoc needs? Are your IT services being tested on several smartphone models? Do you no longer wish to own your devices?

Remober offers a one-off or long-term equipment rental offer depending on your needs and your budget.  

Punctual and short term rental

We can set up a smartphones and tablets rental contract which can vary according to your needs. Ranging from a few days to one or several weeks.

Remober adapts to your needs, whether in terms of duration or material required. Deploying a new fleet? Consider renting a few devices to allow your IT department to check the model's compatibility with your business applications or the different ways in which they are used by your employees.


Stay at the forefront of technology thanks to smartphone and tablet leasing!

If you wish to regularly renew your fleet and have an ever more modern range of smartphones and tablets, renting is the ideal solution for you. The multiplication of Android and Apple updates leading to the obsolescence of programming are increasing the demand for recent hardware. Entrusting the rental of your fleet to Remober relieves you of some of the management tasks, saving some of your fleet managers' valuable time.

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