SMEs, ETIs, Key Accounts: why choose refurbished for your computer equipment?

31 March 2023

When changing your professional computer equipment (professional smartphone, business tablet, business laptop) several questions arise and choices must be made: purchase of new smartphone, choice of refurbished equipment, rental, leasing, etc.

Long left to the responsibility of the Purchasing and DSI departments, the change of IT equipment was above all a material issue: choice of generation, configuration, software compatibility with the rest of the IT infrastructure. But today other issues are taken into account, in particular that of the durability of computer equipment, the repairability index, the availability of spare parts, the management of computer end-of-life and even the carbon impact.

Thus, if new has naturally imposed itself as the only solution available to SMEs, ETIs, large accounts when they wish to change or renew their computer equipment, refurbished products are gradually becoming a real alternative to new thanks to the many benefits it represents!

Reduce your carbon impact thanks to refurbished

By choosing to opt for refurbished computer equipment, you become a player in the circular economy by reducing your environmental impact linked to the purchase of new business computer equipment.

For example, the environmental impact is estimated at:

  • 80% CO2 avoided compared to the purchase of a new business smartphone (0.2 kg WEEE avoided)
  • 90% CO2 avoided for a business laptop (2.4 kg WEEE)
  • 80% CO2 avoided for a printer (1.6 kg WEEE)

On the scale of a company’s entire fleet, it has a real impact and an important lever for your CSR policy.

By buying a refurbished professional smartphone, you are giving a second life to equipment that has already been used thanks to refurbishment. This helps you recycle only devices that have reached the end of their useful life and can no longer be reused.

Optimize your budget

Refurbished does not have the only environmental benefit. He can also count on the financial argument!

When you renew your computer equipment with new equipment, you often make the choice of technology, with increasingly high-end business smartphones, business tablets or business laptops with prices that follow an ever-increasing curve. Added to this is the product roadmap dictated by manufacturers who are imposing increasingly frequent and accelerated generation renewals. It is therefore difficult to align your budgetary constraints with your IT needs.

This is why refurbished IT offers you a solution to this equation: prices between 30% and 70% of the original price for business IT equipment tested and compatible with current uses: a report unbeatable price quality.

An element to also take into account, opting for a refurbished business smartphone or a second-hand professional tablet also means opting for the reuse of your old fleet. With the recovery of your old computer equipment, you allow the extension of their useful life while freeing up a budget that can be reinvested in the maintenance of your fleet, the purchase of your new fleet, or other internal projects.

Keep a more homogeneous park, longer

Keeping a homogeneous and well-maintained mobile and IT fleet until complete renewal means simplifying the management of the IT fleet. It is also essential to remain competitive and avoid time-consuming tasks for employees and fleet managers. Finally, it simplifies the end-of-life management of your computer equipment if you choose to resell your devices.

By choosing a refurbished professional PC or a used business smartphone, you are no longer subject to the schedules and roadmaps of manufacturers! Do you need an additional fleet that is no longer available in the manufacturers’ catalog? By buying these devices refurbished, you keep a homogeneous fleet until the renewal of your IT fleet, while keeping the advantages of warranty and accessories and having access to more attractive prices.

The reconditioned, in complete safety

A refurbished smartphone, used business pc or second-hand professional tablet does not meet the same requirements as a few years ago.

The professional refurbished market has greatly expanded over the past 5/10 years and the players in this market offer their professional customers all the guarantees necessary to provide them with refurbished computer equipment of professional quality with the same level of service as equipment new:

  • Warranty up to 24 months
  • Manufacturer’s accessories
  • IMEI Certified Data Wipe
  • Rigorous aesthetic and technical grading
  • At least 24 control points
  • Repair with manufacturer spare parts
  • Changing the battery…

So many guarantees that secure your IT investments and ensure an extended lifespan for your equipment!

Business refurbished, an ecological, economical and secure ally for managing your business mobile fleet

Whether you are seduced by its impact on your CSR policy, or by the gains and savings it allows you to make or its operational advantages, refurbished represents a multi-faceted advantage for your company’s IT fleet and this choice will have positive impact on your entire company, from an ecological, operational and economic point of view.

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