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CSR is at the heart of our business structure.

At Remober, we have a voluntary and authentic approach to CSR which reflects the individual commitments of our colleagues as well as our business as a whole.

Remober is a proud contributor towards a circular the economy and in particular, though the reuse of IT equipment

We are actively involved in carbon reduction, protection of biodiversity and reduction of electronic waste through our core activity which is refurbished equipment. Our desire is to favor re-use over the manufacturing of new equipment and maximize the lifespan of your mobile equipment to delay the recycling stage. We also conduct our business to closely follow the CO2 emissions emitted and reduced.

We are strongly committed to the environment as well as social issues.

Remober is committed to social inclusion through a strong partnership with the association Habitat et Humanisme, chosen by our employees for its innovative model and core values. Together, we have implemented many actions of solidarity internally, with our teams, but also externally with our customers. Remober also promotes job creation (+ 100% in 2019) and help social inclusion by collaborating with ESAT Saint Léonard.

Beyond our commitments and our business, we also support our partners in achieving their CSR goals by developing environmental and socially responsible solutions through donations to associations, discount, carbon offset…

If we all work together, we finally merge CSR and refurbished materials!

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