Mobile fleet management: Do you know its real environmental impact?

14 March 2023

Your mobile fleet management has a significant environmental impact. Throughout the life cycle of IT equipment, various stages will produce CO2. The life cycle of IT pro equipment extends from the extraction of the raw materials necessary for its manufacture to its de-installation, and is extended by its recycling or reuse in the best of cases, its abandonment in the worst. In the latter case, the equipment becomes e-waste. To get a better idea of this impact and what it represents, we present in this article some key figures to illustrate the impact of mobile fleet management.  

Mobile fleet management and carbon emissions

  • It takes 70 materials to make a smartphone and three quarters of its environmental impact occurs at this stage.
  • Throughout the life cycle of an electronic device, various stages will produce CO2, including its manufacture, which accounts for no less than 80% of carbon emissions on average.
  • In 2019, almost 4% of global carbon emissions are due to the production and use of the digital system. This is more than the 2% usually attributed to civil air transport and, with an increase of 8% per year today, this share could double by 2025 to 8% of the total – on a par with the emissions from cars and two-wheelers today

source: The Shift Project

Key figures for e-waste

  • In France, a user renews their smartphone every 21 months on average, even though it is still functional and could be used for several more years.
  • Currently, around 140,000 tonnes of e-waste are produced every day, making e-waste the fastest growing solid waste in the world. If all this e-waste were iPhone bricks, the entire Taj Mahal could be rebuilt! And 74.4 million tonnes of e-waste are expected to be generated annually by 2030…

source: @realworldvisuals

Solutions for a more responsible mobile fleet management

  • Refurbished IT equipment avoids an average of 68% of CO2 emissions compared to new equipment. In terms of WEEE, buying refurbished equipment avoids 0.2kg of WEEE for a smartphone, 2.4kg for a PC and 1.6kg for a printer. On the scale of a corporate IT fleet, these quantities are considerable.
  • Economically, the price of a refurbished b2b smartphone is between 30% and 70% of the original price. It’s a gesture for the environment, but also for your savings!
  • When you buy a refurbished device, it comes with a warranty of up to 24 months. In addition, before being sold, the equipment is tested at least according to 24 control points. You have all the necessary guarantees to benefit from professional quality refurbished computer equipment with the same level of service as new equipment, at an unbeatable price.

Remober in a few figures:

Remober is the Mobile entity of the Codeo Group. CodeoGroup has 180 employees in 6 countries and specialises in the re-use of professional IT equipment.

Thanks to our activity we achieve :

  • 200K reconditioned units per year
  • 1500 repairs per month
  • 4400T eq of co2 avoided in 2020
  • 350T of reused equipment per year