Mobile accessory: which solutions to protect your fleet of tablets or smartphones?

3 March 2023

In the workplace, we all use smartphones, tablets and/or computers on a daily basis. However, these electronic devices are still fragile and must be handled with care.

In the real world of work, accidents happen much more often than expected! Protecting your mobile equipment is therefore a real issue. Protecting your equipment obviously allows you to limit the risks of falling and/or breaking, but also to :

  • Make your equipment last over time by reducing the risk of breakdowns/breakages
  • Protect against scratches and other impacts
  • Harmonize the appearance of your fleet

Professional mobile protection: which professional mobile accessory to protect my equipment?

Each business sector has its own specificities and needs. Your working environment may be more or less hostile, and certain accessories may be necessary to ensure the safety of your equipment.

Whatever your sector, there is a professional mobile accessory that will meet your needs!

Service sector: the importance of a business mobile phone accessory

Are you a travelling salesperson, or does your job involve frequent travel? You may be exposed to the risk of scratches or dirt. By equipping your smartphone with a professional mobile phone accessory (with a tempered glass and/or a case for example) and then equipping your vehicle with a smartphone holder adapted to your model, you ensure its protection.

Mobile fleet protection in the retail sector

In this sector, mobile fleet protection is a real issue: do you always have your smartphone with you so that you can see the status of your stock at a glance? Consider a smartphone neck strap and a professional mobile protection case. The latter protects your smartphone, but can also allow you to harmonise mismatched phones and free yourself from rank. It is also an effective way of displaying your brand image, so think about it!

Are you providing a professional tablet to collect customer reviews or make them autonomous in your business? In this case, you are facing real protection issues against theft and breakage. Opting for a fixed tablet stand, with an anti-theft device, will guarantee the stability and security of your tablet over time.

Industrial sector:

Warehouse jobs involve a lot of movement and a need for autonomy: a holster pocket will allow you to keep your scanning terminal within reach, while keeping your hands free.

Equipment protection and CSR

Accessories are adapting to new devices and are collateral victims of the end of production and the evolution of smartphone or tablet models.

To limit the ecological impact of cases, holders or holster pockets, two alternative solutions exist:

  • Renting mobile accessories: this is spreading to more and more areas and accessories are no exception to the rule! Renting mobile accessories avoids overproduction and the generation of new waste.
  • Eco-designed mobile accessories: made from plants or recycled plastic, and sometimes even compostable, they avoid the production of new polluting materials and allow us to reuse our plastic waste.