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Discover Green Desk

The platform that simplifies the management of your IT fleet

Designed and developed by and for mobile fleet management specialists, Green Desk is a unique platform that allows you to monitor and control the management of your IT fleet: IT fleet recovery, audit, repair, recycling, recovery…

Why choose Green Desk?

Optimize the management and costs of your mobile fleet!

Do you manage a computer fleet? Green Desk simplifies and centralises mobile fleet management (company PCs, business smartphones or business tablets)!

Remober helps you manage your PCs, smartphones and business tablets in a simplified and centralised way thanks to Green Desk. Save time and improve your productivity with a unique tool, designed and developed for mobile fleet managers:


Simple, centralised global fleet management

Creation and follow-up of repair requests

Real-time monitoring of your activities

Creation and follow-up of trade-in requests

Management of your contract and invoices

Data protection and security

A unique tool with multiple functions

With Green Desk, gain autonomy and speed in the management of your IT fleet.


As a specialist in fleet management solutions for companies, Remober offers you a wide range of services on a single platform to simplify the management of your IT fleet, centralise and monitor your operations and control your carbon footprint.

Declare and manage your repairs online

Greendesk allows you to make your repair request in just a few clicks.

On the platform, declare your breakdown thanks to your IMEI and our teams will organise the collection, the exchange, the repair…


Organise and track your IT equipment trade-ins

Limit your storage costs, finance part of your new company IT equipment and participate in the reuse and circular economy by taking back your unused IT equipment (company PC, company smartphone, company tablet). 

Remober takes care of the collection, audit, cleaning, deletion, recovery and reconditioning or recycling of your unused IT equipment.

Manage your operations

Being a fleet management solutions organization and thanks to Green Desk, you can keep control of the management of your IT equipment fleet.

Greendesk is not only a centralised platform for managing your operations, it is also a tool for monitoring and analysing your fleet. You can monitor in real time the status of your mobile and PC fleet by IMEI or serial number.

RGPD et respect des données informatiques

Protecting your data is at the heart of our concerns

If your smartphones, business PCs or business tablets become irreparable, your equipment is integrated into our end-of-life process: dismantling, sorting of components and recycling via our approved recycling partners. Our technical experts carry out a rigorous end-of-life process that includes the erasure of all your BLANCCO-certified data.

To ensure the traceability and transparency of your units, a certificate will be provided for each piece of equipment erased or recycled.

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