Remober is recognized by EcoVadis Gold and is ranked in the top 5% of the best performing companies in its sector in terms of CSR!

3 March 2023

With a guideline closely linked to the different aspects of CSR (social, societal and environmental), Remober is proud to be among the top 5% of companies in its sector with the best CSR performance!

The CSR performance evaluation platform Ecovadis has awarded the company’s CSR policy a Gold medal, recognising the work that employees, managers and partners have collaborated on since its inception!

Ecovadis, an independent international player in CSR performance assessment

EcoVadis is a French organisation with an international presence that assesses the performance of companies based on numerous CSR standards in force, such as ISO 26000, the Global Reporting Initiative and the United Nations Global Compact

Since its creation in 2007, more than 100,000 companies have been assessed in more than 175 countries, thus providing worldwide recognition of companies’ CSR performance. The assessment identifies partners with recognised commitments in over 200 sectors. 

It takes into account numerous criteria and provides an objective and complete diagnosis of the performance of companies. The Ecovadis policy-action-results triptych values companies that define objectives and implement concrete actions to achieve them!

It is with a desire for transparency, but above all for continuous improvement, that Remober passed this evaluation and obtained an average of 70/100!

Four pillars, one objective: to do better and better in terms of Social Responsibility!

The Ecovadis rating groups the various CSR actions according to four pillars: environment, social and human rights, ethics and responsible purchasing.

The environment pillar at Remober

Naturally associated with its core business, the environmental pillar is an obvious choice for Remober: in addition to its commitment to reduce the impact of digital products through reconditioning and reuse, Remober is committed to reducing its own impact linked to its activities:

  • Reducing the impact of transport via the Fret 21 programme, 

  • Action to favour short circuits,

  • Reuse of WEEE for parts to recondition equipment discontinued by manufacturers,

  • Waste management (hazardous and non-hazardous) in collaboration with eco-organisations such as Screlec or Chimirec

The social and human rights pillar at Remober

Well-being at work is a central concern for Remober’s managers: the rate of absenteeism among employees is almost zero! 

“Alone we go faster, together we go further”: a motto which resonates with our values and which puts the team first while valuing the employee:

  • A flexible work organization for a better personal/professional life balance: teleworking, 4.5 days of full-time work for administrative staff. A test phase is underway for the implementation of the four-day week for all positions where face-to-face work is mandatory (technicians, logisticians, etc.). For 90% of employees, the working conditions offered by Remober are one of the main factors of motivation at work!

  • A cross-functional and local management system: during quarterly interviews, employees are invited to discuss issues such as internal mobility, training, wishes for gradual and appropriate development within the company, etc. Each individual can also make proposals and actively participate in the company’s development via our IAS (Improvement Action Sheet) process, through which he or she can submit ideas for improvement, which will then be studied by the management and the departments concerned. 

  • Strict safety regulations: Remober ensures that all employees are trained and comply with safety regulations, and that the physical and psychological integrity of each employee is maintained.

The ethical pillar at Remober

The company’s CSR charter, which is accessible to all internally, covers all policies and actions in terms of :

  • Fight against corruption,
  • Good management of confidential data in compliance with the RGPD,
  • Ensuring well-being at work through our internal whistleblowing procedure, to report any form of harassment or unprofessional behaviour.

The Responsible Purchasing pillar at Remober

Remober is committed to working with suppliers who share our environmental and social values. This is carefully monitored to foster a climate of trust with all our stakeholders, including through a responsible purchasing charter.

Thanks to this evaluation, Remober was able to identify areas for improvement, both in terms of our policies and measures already in place: in 2023, we are committed to continuing this momentum and to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement consistent with the challenges of the SDGs!

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