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Computer equipment

A single point of contact for the management of your computers, PCs, screens… .

Remober supports you throughout the life of your desktop and laptop computers with a comprehensive range of services that is unique on the market: sale of new or reconditioned equipment, maintenance, take-back, recycling and waste management, etc.

Facilitate the management of your mobile fleet today!


dedicated to the management of your IT equipment:

Fixed computer, laptop, screen, workstation, server… your company evolves at the same pace as your IT equipment. Whether you want to extend its life thanks to refurbishment and maintenance, renew your equipment while controlling your budget or have your old, unused IT hardware taken back, Remober is your unique contact!

Buy back computers, laptops, ...

Remober offers you its trade-in and recovery services for your old PCs and laptops from HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell... Get the most out of your company computers and give them a second life in full RGPD compliance thanks to Remober!

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Computer and laptop sales

Refurbished professional computers, second-hand company laptops, from second-hand to new surplus stock, Remober accompanies you in the purchase of your professional computers to complete or renew your computer park.

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Alternative sourcing

Our unique network of partners in Europe allows us to offer for sale all generations of HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus... computers or professional workstations, from the oldest generation to new surplus stock.

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Whether it's a mass deployment or an ongoing renewal of your business PCs, Remober takes care of everything: preparation, loading of your infrastructure, packaging, shipping of multi-site business IT equipment.

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Recycling and WEEE Management

For the end of life equipment of your business computers and company laptops, Remober offers a range of services in compliance with the standards in force: recycling, WEEE management and the supply of destruction slips.

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And simplify the management of your professional IT assets today!


in the management of professional IT assets.

Since its creation, Remober has specialised in assisting key accounts with the management of their IT equipment (reconditioned desktops, reconditioned laptops, used desktop computers, etc.).

Our mission: to free you from your constraints and to provide you with tailor-made solutions throughout the life of your company’s IT equipment:

Extend the life of your desktops and laptops from 4 to 5 years, it’s possible!

Thanks to Remober and its services of supply of reconditioned PCs or laptops in surplus of new stock, business computer maintenance and renting, keep a more homogeneous park longer and thus make your investments profitable!

Knowledge of your business issues

Our expertise in large accounts allows us to respond to the specific problems of companies in the management of their desktops and laptops (maintenance, lifespan, remote assistance, teleworking, etc.)

Our network of European partners allows us to offer you a wide range of business PCs and laptops adapted to your budgetary, operational and organisational constraints.

In order to support you even better, we also offer you our know-how in the preparation and shipment of your IT equipment, whether it is a mass deployment or one-off.

Do you want to opt for a more responsible management of your IT equipment in line with your CSR objectives? Our responsible services allow you to adopt a more sustainable management of your IT equipment (reconditioned desktops, refurbished tech, second-hand desktops):

  • Reduce your carbon footprint through electronics refurbishment
  • Extend the life of your equipment with maintenance
  • Manage the end of life of your equipment with refurbishment and recycling

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