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The deployment of your mobile fleet

Do you have a new unit deployment project? With devices which will soon reach the end of the manufacturer’s roadmap and will no longer be distributed in a few months?

Remober advises you on your deployment project thanks to its expertise in new or refurbished smartphones and tablets of all brands (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony or other exotic brands).

From staging to dispatch, including the integration of your MDM, Remober is your unique point of contact throughout your project.


In case of a massive deployment of mobile devices, the proper preparation of your units with a tailor-made configuration allows you to save time and ensure the homogenization of the smartphone fleet. Remober is able to offer you a test phase | POC with a preparation standard to fit your desires. Test users will thus be able to inform you of any needs or corrections before the massive deployment phase.

The creation of a user guide will guarantee a complete and in-depth training for your employees in order to ease the daily life of the Information Systems Department of large companies.

Remober can offer you a preparation solution for mobile terminals including various services such as:

MDM Solutions

An MDM (Mobile Device Management) or EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) solution is a solution that allows you to manage, secure and monitor the performance of your mobile fleet.

Remober will take note of your security requirements in order to direct you to the right MDM for your needs. We surround ourselves with the best players on the market to offer you flexible, reliable and professional services: Mobileiron, KNOX, Airwatch, DEP, IBM, Maas 360, SOTI …


The precision of multi-site deliveries is very important, especially when deploying smartphones & tablets.

Remober is able to support you through a wide range of specific services to meet your expectations: delivery, packaging, reporting….


Standard or national and international Express (Europe and other major exports).

Thanks to our logistic partnership with UPS, we are able to cover a large area while ensuring optimal security.


With a high security stake on terminals such as smartphones & tablets, we have set up a system to reduce the risk of theft, breakage, loss ... thanks to specific and secure packaging procedures (e.g.: GPS tracker in the parcels)


Remober is committed to communicate with you about the status of your delivery by IMEI throughout the deployment process.
Delivery note, Tracking ...

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