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17 February 2023

How to choose the right B2B smartphone repair provider?

The maintenance of your mobile fleet is fraught with economic and ecological issues. A company, whether it has tens or thousands of terminals, has everything to gain by managing its fleet of phones and tablets in a sustainable way. 

However, small, medium and large companies do not have the same needs and different players exist on the market to meet their expectations in terms of maintenance (volume, budget, heterogeneity of devices, etc.):

  • subcontracted maintainers
  • local repair shops
  • fleet management and outsourced maintenance providers

While each company is unique and has different requirements in terms of fleet mobile management, we have identified six points that we feel are crucial to check when choosing your maintenance provider.

Go for Made in France and local products 

To limit the time needed to send and return the service provider, check that it is located in France. This will ensure that the repairs carried out are rigorous and comply with the legal framework in force in France relating to the reconditioning of electronic devices. Choosing a local partner is also an opportunity to build a real relationship and to be able to visit the premises, for a better understanding of the repair process of your equipment.

Ensure responsiveness 

When an employee’s phone is broken, you need a solution immediately. Don’t hesitate to ask for a test period to prove the reliability and responsiveness of your maintenance provider.

Go for a tracked offer 

This option is essential when it comes to accurately tracking and understanding the fate of your business phones and tablets. Have they been repaired yet? What part has been changed? Has it been sent for recycling, and if so why? These are all questions that your service provider can answer in an instant on this tracking platform!

Prefer a multi-brand one-stop shop 

If you have deployed a heterogeneous fleet of smartphones, it is preferable to use a repair company that can handle all brands and models of mobile phones. This saves time and simplifies management!

Find out about the swap option 

Is your time valuable ? Ask about the swap option! Some companies specialising in business phone repairs are able to provide you with a terminal while yours is being repaired, so that your work is not affected.

Demand IMEI traceability 

When it comes to managing your fleet mobile, transparency and traceability are the key words. There is no room for approximation. Ask your service provider to ensure precise IMEI tracking of all your equipment, so that you can know the status of your fleet at any time.

Demand the best from your future partner! Your fleet is unique, and so should be the service that accompanies it. At Remober, we offer our clients a tailor-made service, adapted to your needs and constraints. We do not standardize our offer: we are committed to offering you a personalized service with complete transparency.

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