Refurbished smartphones: companies, go for it!

14 April 2023

Today, more and more companies are looking for solutions to acquire a mobile fleet or to improve its management. New technologies have become real allies for companies in carrying out their activities.

The new alternative is called refurbished, and it is now the future of your equipment.

If the refurbished smartphone has a good life ahead of it, it is above all because this new type of consumption has managed to seduce individuals. Indeed, buying a refurbished smartphone allows everyone to benefit from the best of mobile technology at an unbeatable price. With B2C demand now satisfied, it was time for offers aimed at professionals to emerge!

Choosing a refurbished smartphone: the economical and ecological alternative for businesses

Why choose a refurbished smartphone?

Managing a fleet of mobile phones can sometimes be expensive for some companies. Buying a refurbished smartphone is therefore an asset that allows you to equip yourself with equipment that is as good as new and to benefit from all the advantages offered by new technologies. Better still, thanks to refurbishing, the latest generation of smartphones and tablets are now within reach! Thanks to very attractive prices, between 40 and 70% cheaper than new, equipping your employees with a refurbished iPhone 6 at a reduced price is finally possible. Tested and repaired by refurbishing professionals, the mobile terminals are refurbished and offer optimal use.

Choosing a refurbished smartphone: the ecological act

Thanks to a highly demanding technical process, mobile refurbishment is part of the circular economy and contributes to the recycling of materials. And because companies are increasingly faced with ecological requirements, there is nothing better than investing in a refurbished fleet to reduce WEEE waste.

Better manage your mobile fleet with refurbished products

With refurbished mobile devices, fleet management has never been easier. In addition to benefiting from a fleet at attractive prices, it is now very easy to complete a fleet with specific units, or to choose to renew it completely.

Why choose Remober for your refurbished smartphones in the company?

Born from the desire to satisfy an ever-growing demand, Remober offers solutions exclusively adapted to companies. Through its refurbishment offer on smartphones and tablets, companies can finally have access to a promise that optimises the management of their fleet. Through 4 key offers, it is easier for them to :

  • Resell their old mobile fleet
  • Buy new refurbished smartphones
  • Have broken units repaired safely
  • Integrate their fleet into a recycling process

Remober’s refurbished solution also enables your company to meet the challenges of mobility and to benefit from technical expertise throughout the management of your fleet.

And if you too were to switch to refurbished vehicles? Find out more about our service offers!