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Remober offers a range of tailor-made services in order to support companies efficiently manage their estate of mobile terminals. With more than 200,000 units managed per year, Remober offers businesses a simple and intuitive solution to manage mobile terminals which is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Looking for tailor-made services? Discover all our services below.

End of life management

Fleet management


Remober will support you with

End of life Management


Your equipment is valuable! Remober puts its market expertise at your disposal to offer you the most out of your used hardware.

Optimum collection Process

Do you have equipment across multiple sites and still in the possession of end users? Find out how Remober can support you with an efficient collection service, facilitate the transition to new equipment and ensure that your equipment is de-installed by an expert

Data Wiping

Safety first! Remober is Blancco certified to ensure the complete Data wiping of your units when they are de-installed.

Take back

Remober is one of the rare players in the mobile market capable of supporting you with the de-installation and recovery of smartphones and multi-brand tablets, no matter the size.


Thanks to Remober you will be contributing towards a circular economy by ensuring that the equipment you no longer need can be reused by other companies.


Are you looking to recycle old equipment and ensure it is deposed of sustainably? Remober recycles your defective units in compliance with European regulations.


Are you looking to donate your equipment to an association or charity? Remober encourages this and will support you through the process.

Carbon footprint

Remober is one of the only players on the market to offer you a carbon emission statement for the refurbished products you purchase. This statement highlights the emissions saved with refurbished equipment compared to buying the equivalent product in brand new condition.

Remober will support you with

Fleet Management

Maintenance Contract

Protect your estate now with a tailor-made maintenance offer. With Remober you only pay for what you use!

Addition to fleet

Do you need to increase the quantity of mobile devices for your business? Remober offers units, surplus new, refurbished or used in order to avoid service disruption for users and maintain a uniform estate.

Efficient repairs

Does turnaround time matter to you? Remober has exclusive offers to meet your needs in the best way possible.

Alternative sourcing

Is your equipment out of production? Remober has a European network which helps acquire all types of equipment at the best prices.

New/Refurbished/ Surplus New

Is consistency important to you for you mobile equipment? Remober offers surplus new, used or refurbished hardware to help you maintain a uniform stock of equipment to support productivity without increasing the number of makes and models in use.


Do you have an urgent need for equipment for peak period trading? Remober has thousands of units in stock to support you for short and medium term rentals.

Remober will support you with



Remober configures your mobile equipment with your business applications before dispatching the units.


Need to distribute your units across several sites? Remober will facilitate the logistics to achieve this.


In need of a MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution to manage your devices? Remober can help.


Are you looking to lease mobile devices? Remober can offers tailored leasing strategies.

Operating offers

Need an operating contract with your smartphone? Remober can help

Purchasing of new devices

Are you trying to replace your existing equipment with new hardware? Remober can help you achieve this.