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Our expertise in

All major ranges of business IT equipment

Since its creation, Remober has developed a specialised knowledge of the management of professional IT equipment thanks to a global service offer on the market.


This expertise enables us to offer our key account clients tailor-made support for all the major ranges of reconditioned professional IT equipment: company smartphones, professional tablets, desktops, company laptops, all brands, from the biggest manufacturers on the market to the most exotic: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc.


Refurbished products, a source of performance for your company

If you manage a company’s mobile fleet or office PCs, discover a real alternative for the management of your company’s Samsung smartphones and company laptops thanks to refurbishing:

A quality charter for purchases with complete peace of mind

The best in refurbished smartphones for your business

All our business second-hand equipment undergoes rigorous refurbishment processes to ensure that your professional mobile fleet has the performance and quality required for your business.